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A subscriber recently asked me what’s with the name “BrightForwardLIFE” so I thought I’d share that answer here too.

(If you missed it: BrightForwardLIFE is the name of my other website. Soon I’d like to create a digital magazine with this focus, and a podcast show too. (You can read more about it here. )

I used the words “Bright” and “Forward” together, as I feel the combination of these two words represents both my journey and my vision.

I’m into Enlightened Living, Practical Wisdom, Planetary Awakening, Spirituality, Philosophy and all things that signify Light over Darkness. (Hence the word: “Bright”)

This was such a stong focus for me that I once ‘opted out of the world’ to live as a contemplative monk in India for three years.

Too often though, the spiritual path is seen as something that is opposed to – or at least removed from what’s going on in the world – progress, success, and enjoyment of what the material world.

Having returned to the ‘real world’ my path and message has become one of Integrated Living. I now also focus on areas like Alleviating Poverty, Transforming Money,  Global Abundance, Redefining Wealth, Social Innovation, and on ideas and initiatives that expand our experience of life. (Hence the word: “Forward”)

I’ve come to see that the two worlds are not as divergent as we like to think. And articulating this insight is becoming one of the major themes in my life.

So BrightForwardLIFE bridges the spiritual and the material, the inner world and the outer. The accent is on integral living. The focus is on all that moves us forward, upward and onward in life.

If it’s progressive, evolutionary, enlightening, and innovative, we’d love to cover it and give it exposure, so that more people and societys can explore and adopt it.

BrightfowardLIFE is still a work in progress, but you can visit the site here. Please also follow us on twitter or like our facebook page.