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If you feel you have a message to share but have been holding back, of if you’re wondering what is the use of blogging or sharing content online, this is for you.

In this age of the internet and the information superhighway it is now easier than ever to create and share content with your specific audience or with the world at large.

Whether it’s in the form of text, audio or video we can easily create content through a myriad of devices, software and apps. And with our mobile devices we can even do this on the go.

When it comes to sharing we have even more options. We can share our content on blogging platforms, podcast shows, digital radio, or a whole range of social media platforms from Twitter and Facebook to YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Pintetes. And the list goes on.

Yet, as easy as it has become to share, many still hold back. I have also been holding back for many many years. Even though I blogged intermittently and wrote hundreds of different pieces – in bits and pieces – I was generally not publishing. And publishing is where the rubber hits the road, right? It’s where your message gets out, and can be heard.

So I eventually created a content challenge with a friend of mine. I will write more about this soon. But this post is in fact the first post to meet that challenge. And as I reminded myself of the reasons why it is useful to share content consistently, I decided to share those very reasons with you here.

To educate and empower

The first and most obvious reason to create content is to teach what you know so that you can educate and empower others, whether it is through ‘how-to’ knowledge, industry specific information, life insights, skills development, or simply to share with you have experienced so that others may learn from it.

Inspire, uplift, motivate people

With your words and ideas you can choose not only to educate others, but if you’re into self growth and success, you can inspire people and uplift them in various ways. Using your desire to help, and your own energetic stance you can motivate people to improve their lives, do great things and contribute to making the world a better place.

Make change happen

“The pen is mightier than the sword” ~ an old saying that reminds us of the power of words and ideas to change people’s minds, perhaps incite them to protest or revolutionary action, and even change the course of history. If you have a powerful message to share, perhaps politically inclined or aware of a deep injustice that calls for change, if you are strong in your convictions and in your desire to change the status quo, don’t underestimate the power of sharing your thoughts. You can be highly instrumental in making the world a better place. If your ideas touch a chord within the collective, people will share your content and spread the message. So don’t hold back. Write that post or create that video today.

Express yourself

An often overlooked reason to share is simply to express yourself. When you express what you’re feeling or thinking, whether it’s good bad or ugly, it can be very cathartic. It can actually be an effective way to heal. Also when you express your thoughts and ideas, you have a chance to look at them from a different perspective. When you express your ideas, you open up your mind space again, and almost create a vacuum for fresh ideas and insights to come to you.

Help others heal

And if you share deep personal stuff, maybe about your pain, or a tragedy, a mistake you made or a challenge you’re experiencing, you not only can heal in the process, but you also give others an opportunity to heal. If they have been through what you are expressing they can identify, perhaps empathize and feel ok about what they’re experiencing. And by reading or watching your content they may feel more willing to share their story which in turn can heal others.

Connect with others

When you share your knowledge or your ideas it has a way of reaching those who are interested in your topic. Many of them will want to connect on social media or even meet up in the real world. This is your tribe. These are the people with whom you can network and collaborate. Use this opportunity. Share your ideas.

Refine your ideas

Sharing your ideas is also an excellent way to get feedback and refine your ideas. Others can point out where you are perhaps going wrong, and confirm where your thoughts are strong and resonate with them. Don’t be shy to pose a question, add a comment section to your blog, or create a survey on Twitter.

Attract interest to your cause

Creating content it’s a great way to attract interest to your project, cause, movement or organisation. The more content you put out there, and the more consistent you are, the more interest you can attract to support and grow your cause whether it’s a local charity drive or a global movement.

Business success

If you are a business owner, there are many benefits from creating and sharing your content. In fact content marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing in recent years. Consumers almost always look for information to inform their purchasing decisions and if you can provide that information, they’re more likely to buy your product or service than your competitors. Simple as that! So content helps to drive traffic to your offers. Your micro goals might be to get more likes, comments and shares, or to get more subscriptions to your channel, or signups to your mailing list. But they all add up to market attention which you can then monetize with sales.

So whether your a changemaker with a global vision, a dedicated entrepreneur or a stay-at-home mum who wants to connect with others, don’t underestimate the power of creating and publishing content. I’ve finally overcome all my excuses. I’m now blogging again. And it’s going to be consistently. And if my thoughts can help just one person get ahead, then I’m successful in this endeavor. Although, I suspect it might do more than that – just as with the content you will be creating!

This is not an exhaustive list. If you know of other reasons or benefits if sharing, please share your thoughts in the comments below.