When you need the most Enlightening Content 

and Enticing Copy to Captivate your Crowd..

Words hold immense power. They have the power to educate, motivate and inspire. When used wisely, words can get the world highly excited about your business, movement or mission. And never underestimate the power of words to move your audience to action.

As a writer, my approach is to discern the essence of your message and to communicate this with optimum clarity, weaving into it your intention, and framing it in the most appropriate tone to bring about the desired outcome.

Here’s what I can write for you

  • Quality content for your website
  • Magazine articles
  • Advertising copy
  • High-converting sales pages
  • A moving speech for that special function
  • A series of on-boarding emails
  • A complete book, with your name on it
  • Brochure copy
  • and more..

I place huge emphasis on accurately defining and clearly articulating ideas, insights and messages. In fact you can always expect a thorough discussion about your subject matter. And I’ll happily guide you towards the current online marketing best practices.

As a result of my eclectic life and work experience, I now write on the following topics:

1. Success, Self Development and Spirituality.

Personal Growth, Practical Wisdom, Success, Life Mastery, Business Mastery, Manifestation, Philosophy, Healing, Enlightened Living, Peace, Freedom, Abundance..


2. Social & Planetary Transformation

Social innovation, Ending Poverty, Community currencies, Digital and Crypto-currencies, Transforming money, Redefining wealth, Global abundance.


3. Internet, Marketing & Publishing

Internet trends, Online marketing, Information marketing, Digital Publishing, Branding, Communication, Content Strategies, Traffic generation, Social Media marketing, Sales funnels, Writing, Marketing Automation..

Pricing Guide..

In USD: My current fee is $0.10 per word. So as an example a 600 word article will cost you $60, and a 1000 word article will cost $100. In ZAR: My current fee is R1,25 per word. So a 600 word article will cost you R750, and a 1000 word article will cost R1250. Please note that this is merely a guide, which applies to article writing and not copy-writing. I find it best to agree on a price per project. Discounts apply for larger orders. ..

What you can count on..

You can count on receiving professional, high quality writing, and always delivered on time. (I’ve been told I’ve got a ridiculously high work ethic!)

  • Optimized for search engines (SEO articles)
  • We always discuss context, intention, feel
  • We agree on a fee before commencing
  • Fully edited and without errors.
  • My fees include revisions, so you can be assured of total satisfaction

.. So what do you need written today? Let me bring the most pertinent and powerful words to it. We can work together to achieve your marketing, communication and business goals. Just use the form below for a no-obligation consultation. Or call me on +27(0)8 444 222 68 to discuss your requirements.  

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