How fear can serve you

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On the path of spirituality and enlightened living, since we strive to get into the mode of trusting, having faith, and being fearless, we try to distance ourselves from fear. And when we feel fear, we often see this as a sign of spiritual weakness.

But is it possible that fear can actually serve us in some way?

When we fear something we actually believe that it is going to happen. It is something that we definitely would not like to happen, but as long as we entertain the fear some part of us believes that it is going to happen, or at least that it is very likely to happen.

But there is a hidden gift in this experience. The fear we feel signals to us that we believe in a scenario that we do not prefer, that we believe in a reality that we do not wish to experience.

As long as we remain unaware of the dynamic at play, we continue to be victims of our fears, and victims of the consequences they bring. But as soon as we become aware of the way this works, we can then choose to change our beliefs in order to prevent the unwanted circumstances from becoming a reality.

You might be intrigued to learn, just as I was, that there is a technique we can use to overcome our fears. I first discovered this technique through the teachings of Bashar, and have since come across variations of this via other teachers and enlightened masters.

Here it is: Whenever you catch yourself in a fearful mode,

Step One: Identify the belief that is at the root of the fear. Ask yourself this question : “What would I have to believe for me to be fearing this right now?”

Step Two: Once you identify the belief that leads to that particular fear, acknowledge it. Acknowledge that this is a belief you hold. In other words, own it. This is step is necessary because you cannot change that which you do not see, that which you do not own.

Step three: Ask yourself “What would be a preferred belief in this case? What would I prefer to believe as true?” You want to aim for a more empowering belief.

Step four: Now that you’ve identified what you prefer as the new ‘upgraded’ belief, choose it. Own it. Adopt it. Make it your own. In other words bring yourself to the point of believing it is true. Entertain any thoughts that would reinforce the belief. Entertain the emotions that match the new belief. Start acting and behaving in ways that align with your new belief. Deep down inside you need to get to the point of trusting that this new belief is now active within your being.

Here’s an example that will help you see this more clearly. Let’s say that you fear that you will run out of money and perhaps live a life of poverty. First ask yourself what you would have to believe to be true to make you fear this. Maybe that that world is in recession, and that things are going from bad to worse.

Then, once you identify it, acknowledge that this is actually a belief that you hold. Then try to ask yourself what would you prefer to believe. You could say that the world is on the brink of the turnaround towards global abundance. Or you could say that while many people are experiencing financial difficulty, there are still thousands of people who are thriving in this world and that you can easily be one of them.

Remember at this point your mind might question what is actually the truth! Well both are true. As your mind, so your world. Belief shapes reality. So what do you prefer to believe?! It’s totally up to you!

And then finally once you’ve identified this belief make it to your new truth. Use affirmations if you need to. Look for examples of people thriving in this economy. Think only thoughts that reinforces the belief. Feel how it would feel if you were thriving. Act how you would act knowing that you are becoming more wealthy. And thus drop your fear and create your preferred reality.

By replacing the old belief that supported your fear, with a new belief that gives you no reason to fear that scenario anymore, you will naturally drop the fear. And while moving beyond the fear feels great, the gift of the fear is that it allowed you to identify and replace limiting belief systems.

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